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  • Discounted access to our 2023 Extravaganza*

*Insiders members who are active for at least 6 months prior to start of the event will be eligible for a 50% discount


Self-Promotion Opportunities

We love when our members try new things! We have multiple members who have promoted their new leads list or prep center within the group.


Network from other six- and seven-figure sellers in this exclusive community! In addition to office hours and our Facebook group, we feature an interactive Discord Server for 24/7 support and chat!

Exclusive Discounts

As a well-known group, we are able to secure the best discounts on popular Amazon seller tools!


Tired of Hearing "What is Keepa?"

This group is specifically for middle-range and large sellers looking to grow further. While we all started somewhere, we wanted to create this space for more experienced sellers.


Industry Experts

In addition to our 6- and 7-figure members, we also have multiple experts from different parts of the ecommerce industry - lead list creators, prep center owners, content creators, coaches... all actively interacting in our Facebook group and Discord server!

Additional Benefits

What Else?

  • Monthly challenges/prizes

  • Weekly office hours

  • Ungating assistance for almost any brand/category

  • Mastermind group organization within the group

  • Guest experts providing training on a variety of topics

  • On-going business support

  • 1-on-1 coaching access with the group's owners - Rachael and Cody

  • ...and we are continually working to add to this list!

Our commitment to you

  • The longer this community exists, the better it will get! The most powerful tool we have is each other's knowledge and support.

  • Lock in at $57/month! You will never pay more - you'll be grandfathered in at this rate in case of future rate increases.

  • If within the first 30 days, you are not convinced that being a member of this community will help you grow, we will refund your money!

Meet the Admin!

Rachael began selling books part-time on Amazon (and half.com, of course) in 2011 and continued doing so while in graduate school and while working as a chemistry and biology teacher. In 2019, she left teaching to pursue Amazon full time (and to go back to graduate school "just in case"). After scaling her Amazon business, she linked up with Nate Jackson from Hustle Buddies and Cody to put together Insiders Growth Group. She is loving building this community!

Cody began selling on Amazon in 2014 to supplement the income from his moving company while he was in school. In 2017 he became a full time Amazon seller and has since grown from his laundry room to a 6,000 sq ft warehouse in Saint Paul, MN with over $5.5 million lifetime sales and 330,000 units sold. He is passionate about saving you time, and money with focused solutions for you specific business needs.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the first 30 days of your membership, you can request a full refund! Just contact rachael@insidersgrowthgroup.net and we will take care of it - no questions asked!

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If you are:

  • A seller making at least $10k per month in gross sales

  • Fighting to find distributors for certain brands

  • Ready to join a community of experienced sellers to network and grow with

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  • Save $127/year!

  • Same benefits as a monthly membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

who is this group for?

This group is for sellers who sell at least $10,000 per month on Amazon and are interested in growing in revenue and efficiency! We have members who sell $150k per year all the way up to multi-million dollar sellers.

How can I save extra money on this membership?

If you enjoy the group, you switch you monthly membership to annual and save $127/year! That's like over 2 free months! We also hold monthly challenges which help offset our already low cost.

When are office hours?

Zoom office hours are held each weekend, typically at 1 or 2 PM EST. The specific day/time will be posted by Thursday each week. (But we are available for chat everyday on Discord!)

What if I need help with a specific topic?

We have 1-on-1 coaching available as well as the ability to schedule workshops with guest speakers on almost any topic you'd like!

What if I don't like it?

If you don't feel this group is a good fit for you, email rachael@insidersgrowthgroup.net for a full refund within your first 30 days.

What if I absolutely love it?

If you've been with us for at least 3 months, you can request an affiliate link to earn some extra money just by referring others to join!
You can also switch your subscription to the annual option to save extra $$$!

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Thank You!

Congratulations! You're now a part of the Insiders Growth Group!

Step 1

Check out our member page! This contains a large amount of information on the group, including how to access exclusive content and tips for engaging in our Discord server and Facebook Group.
Note: You will need to request access for linked content within the document. Please include your signup email when sending this request.

Step 2

Join the Facebook Group! You MUST answer the entry question with the email you used to sign up.

Step 3

Join the Discord Server! There is a link within the Member Page for accessing the Discord Server. If the link is not working, please contact Rachael to get a new link.

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Insiders Growth Group - Member Area

The purpose of this page is to streamline organization and to make sure you get the most value from this group as is possible. If there are additional things you’d like to see added to this page, contact Rachael.

Accessing Content

For content, there are three main hubs: Google Drive, Discord and Facebook. Discord will mostly house discussions, while most videos will be housed on Facebook. Other information (lists etc) will be located in the shared Google Drive folder. Below the information Drive, Facebook, and Discord, you will find direct links to videos and documents we have shared.

Accessing the Google Drive

A this time, documents such as templates, lists of distributors and prep centers, and excusive discount codes are located within a shared Google Drive. You can access these documents by requesting access to the folder using the button below. If your Google email address is different than the one you signed up with, you'll need to include your membership email address in the request.
If your request hasn't been approved within 48 hours, reach out to Rachael.

Using the Facebook Group

Almost all of our content is located within Google Drive, and most of our discussions occur in Discord, but there will be a little of each in the Facebook Group.
Tip: Tagging Cody and/or Rachael in a posted question will draw our attention to your post quickly and help prevent your post being buried by other posts.

Using Discord


After downloading discord (Desktop , Google Play, iPhone), request access to the link to join our server.Important: You will not be approved unless you type your Discord username into the request. We need to document these so we know who is who!This is Discord’s beginner guide. We suggest going through the parts that seem relevant - but there’s a lot of info in this guide geared towards people creating a server, which we have already done. You are simply joining our server.We suggest going on YouTube and searching things like “Discord tutorial,” “Discord for beginners,” or “How to use Discord” to get a good walk-through!

Our Server

The #1 reason we opened a Discord was to organize interactions and content more easily. It has definitely worked for the interactions, but not so much for content (hence me making this document with links). Facebook is nice for a lot of things, but questions get lost and hard to sort through.Discord Servers (like ours - the Hustle Buddies Insiders Server) are made up of channels. These channels are used to organize different discussions. For example, we have channels for Repricing, Walmart Sellers, Account Health, etc.In order to keep things organized and make it possible for us to find/interact with your question, please ask it in the most applicable channel. Questions that are placed in General Chat often get buried in the… well, the general chatting that occurs there.

Links to Google Drive Resources

Some of these are unfinished. if you've been waiting a while for something to be completed, please reach out and we will move it up the priority list!

Exclusive Discounts

Meltables Checker

  • Her instructions: “you just need make a copy of it the template and then populate it with your info go to Seller Central > Reports > Fulfillment > Inventory (on the left) > Manage FBA Inventory > Request .csv Download Once the report is ready, click Download, open it and copy the table on the sheet called "FBA Inventory" starting on cell D1 It's gonna take a bit to load and fill out everything, but once is done, you can filter on the meltable columns to remove the blank cells and find your ultimate meltable list. I also added a column to see how many of each asin you have on inventory so you can ignore anything with qty 0”

Prep Centers


  • List of distributors that have been tested for ungating purposes, including some example brands, any notable info regarding invoices and setting up accounts, etc.

  • If you would like to request a distributor for Rachael to do an ungating test buy or a brand you would like her to find a distributor for, please message her

  • Note - this list is for ungating purposes, but you may find some profitable items from time to time.


Templates for Buyer Messages

POA/Appeal Templates

Windows/Google Tips

Links to Recorded Content

If a workshop or interview is missing from this list, please let us know and we will add it!


  • 2021 Christmas/Q4 recap

  • Preparing for Q4

  • Airtable Automations/Linking Records - How to link tables in airtable and build an automation for them. This automation is one of my most commonly used. Finding info from one place in my airtable and linking it to another to help make decisions. I use this to compare things like Lead List projected profitability vs actual and buyer/Store/Category profitability

  • Faster Invoice Attaching with Zapier - In this video I show you how to automate attaching invoices to your order number and invoices in google sheets. Really useful for helping you deal with IP/Counterfeit claims faster and reconciling missing inbound inventory.

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Extravaganza Begins In...

    * First 50 registrants will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card! *

    are you... ?

    • An Amazon seller looking to increase revenue and boost efficiency?

    • Wondering what tools and strategies 7-figure Amazon sellers used to get to where they are?

    • Fighting IP complaints and other account health issues?

    • Curious about how to expand your business?

    • Interested in learning how to use some new sourcing methods to give you the upper hand this upcoming Q4?

    join us!

    • Learn from and mingle with sellers who have found the keys to success!

    • Get tips and tricks from professionals who specialize in Account Health, repricing and training VAs!

    • Learn about ways to diversify your income streams to help reduce risk!

    • Learn how to scale your business to the next level by outsourcing and creating systems!

    • Bonus from our friends at OA Gems: 100+ OA leads at no additional cost

    • Optional add-on package including 225+ RA leads for just $100

    Insiders Summer Extravaganza 2023

    Join dozens of experts for THREE MONTHS of 35+ online workshops, access to exclusive tool discounts, free OA leads, and thousands of dollars of prizes to help make this coming Q4 your best yet!

    What You Get

    • Three or more Facebook Live workshops with guest experts each week! (All events will be recorded and available in the Facebook Group forever!) - OVER $2,000 VALUE

    • To prevent lead-tanking, leads are not offered to the group at-large. Instead, you will be granted access to 100+ leads from OA Gems (either a 2 week free trial of mixed-category leads or a full month of shoe/clothing leads). The trials will be staggered and scattered among OPEN spots on current OA Gems lists - SNAG UP TO $2,500 POTENTIAL PROFIT EVERY WEEKDAY WITH THE SHOE/CLOTHING LEADS (occasionally one-day lists may be posted for those who want to purchase additional leads)

    • Biweekly giveaways and contests - TOTALLING OVER $3,000 VALUE

    • Access to our exclusive discounts on recommended tools and services - OVER $1,200 VALUE

    • An optional $100 add-on for 225+ Retail Arbitrage BOLOs - A $250 VALUE (The option to purchase this add-on will be presented during the checkout process)

    Confirmed Workshop Leaders and Guest Experts

    Andy Slamans (Amazing Freedom)

    Announcement Coming Soon!

    Brandon Young (Seller Systems)

    Jeff Schick (Jeff Schick Legal)

    Larry Lubarsky (Watch Me Amazon)

    Michal Chapnik (Selling on Walmart)

    Announcement Coming Soon!

    Weekly Topics

    subject to slight adjustments

    • July 02: Getting Started

    • July 09: Keepa Tips and Tricks

    • July 16: Replens and Used Books

    • July 23: Leveraging FBM

    • July 30: Tactical Arbitrage

    • Aug 06: Repricing

    • Aug 13: Scaling: AirTable and Automation

    • Aug 20: Scaling: VAs and Prepping

    • Aug 27: Scaling: Additional Income Streams - Authorpreneur KDP and Flipping with Chris Green

    • Sep 03: Business Health

    • Sep 10: Account Health

    • Sep 17: Beyond Arbitrage: Wholesale

    • Sep 24: Beyond Arbitrage: Private Label

    Meet the Admin and Mods!

    Insiders Growth Group is ready to help you smash this Q4!



    Co-Founder, Insiders Growth Group



    Owner, Network Prep



    Veteran Member, Insiders Growth Group



    Owner, MidAmerica Prep



    Creator, Outsource Everything

    Our Money-Back Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with the first 7 days of our workshop series (or 7 days after you register, whichever is later), you can request a full refund! Just contact rachael@insidersgrowthgroup.net and we will take care of it - no questions asked!

    Join for only


    • The first 50 registrants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card (to be sent at the end of July)

    • 35+ Workshops led by experts

    • $3,000+ in giveaways

    • $1,200+ in tool and software discounts

    • 100-260+ OA Leads from OA Gems

    • Optional access to 225+ RA BOLOs

    • No questions asked refund after 7 days if you don't think it's right for you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes this group different than other groups?

    We are not a BOLO group, we are a seller growth group with the goal of making this your biggest and best Q4 yet! That said, there will be some BOLOs distributed in ways that reduce saturation - see the next question :)

    What if I want some BOLOs?

    With this group, you will get 2-4 weeks of free OA leads from OA Gems (the length of time you receive the leads depends on what category you want - 2 weeks for mixed category or 4 weeks for shoes/clothing).There is also an opportunity to purchase an add-on to access our RA Leads Group. In that group you will gain access to 75+ RA BOLOs per month for all 3 months - that's a $225 for an optional $100.

    What will the schedule be like?

    Each week will have at least 3 Facebook Live workshops. We are aiming for Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, but there will be some variation.

    What if I can't be there for some of the workshops?

    All Facebook Lives will be recorded and available for you to view at your own convenience! You will not lose access to the Facebook group.

    When does this start?

    The Facebook group will open on July 1st, and our first live session will be July 3rd.

    When does signup end?

    Signup closes on July 14th at midnight EST.

    What if I don't like it?

    If you don't feel this group is a good fit for you by July 7th (or 7 days after you register, whichever is later), email rachael@insidersgrowthgroup.net for a full refund. Refunds will not be processed after that date.

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    You've just invested in your best Q4 yet!

    Please watch your email as you should shortly receive confirmation of your purchase.During the final weekend of June, we will contact you via email with instructions for accessing the Facebook Group. Please add rachael@insidersgrowthgroup.net to your contact list to make sure the emails don't go to spam (or the Promotions tab in Gmail)!

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    Submit questions for live workshops

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    Recommended Tools and Software

    Some affiliate links may appear on this page, but it goes back into the group's prize/guest speaker fund and we would never post a product we haven't tried and liked!

    Tool/Software (Linked)Type of ServiceNotesExclusive Discount available with Insiders membership?
    OA GemsOA LeadsSubscription leads list offering mixed-category lists as well as a shoe/clothing listYes
    BQoolRepricerUse our link for 30-day free trial!yes
    The Flipping TeamBOLO GroupBased on Discord, a massive amount of leads dailyyes
    RevSellerProduct ResearchChrome extensionyes
    Replen DashboardInventory ManagementUse our link for a 30-day free trial!Yes
    Tactical ExpanderProduct ResearchChrome extensionYes
    Tactical Expander LiteProduct ResearchChrome extension-
    OA ChallengeEducationthe best 2-week OA training out there!yes
    IP AlertProduct ResearchChrome extension-
    Tactical AcademyEducationIn-depth training on use of Tactical Arbitrage!-
    UPC FinderProduct researchChrome Extensionyes
    AZInsightProduct ResearchChrome extensionyes
    SmartScoutProduct Research-yes
    Helium10Product Researchproduct research, listing optimization, and more!yes
    ScanPowerInventory managementAn alternative to ILyes
    Wholesale Academyeducationa premier course for sellers who want to get into wholesalepending
    Inventory LabInventory managementlisting and inventory management software-
    OA BuddyProduct ResearchGives information regarding retailer order/quantity limitsYes
    Tactical ArbitrageProduct Researchgold standard for oa sourcing-
    SellerCandyAccount Health ManagementMonthly subscription offers unlimited support with listing, account health, reimbursement, and shipment issuesYes
    ASINZenProduct ResearchChrome Extension-
    BindwiseAccount HealthListing Change Notification Service-
    Selling on Walmart.com MastermindEducationMastermind group and training for Walmart sellersYes
    Outsource EverythingEducationTraining on how to outsource within your amazon business-
    Keepa AcademyEducationDetailed training to help you master the use of Keepa-
    Hustle Buddies: Seller BasicsEducationA course focused on getting the newest sellers up and running!-
    Hustle Buddies: Kohls SourcingEducationIn-depth training on how to source from Kohls and maximize profit by stacking discounts-
    Hustle Buddies: Grocery Deep DiveEducationTraining on selling in the grocery category-
    Hustle Buddies: Replens CourseEducationTraining focused on sourcing and selling replenishable items-

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